Weekly Roundup – May 18

To Learn to Code, or Not to Learn to Code.

One of the top stories of the week was the reaction to the new ‘Learning to Code’ fad.

Websites like CodeAcademy began offering services, (ie. CodeYear) for users who want to get their feet wet in the coding world. A popular article surfaced this week begging people ‘Please Don’t Learn to Code‘. While the article makes a good point, learn to code only if you have a reason to, the title created more than a few ripples in the interwebs.

The most popular rebuttal to this article is Sacha Greif’s ‘Please Learn to Code’.

“Learning to code” doesn’t always mean becoming the next Linus Torvalds, just like “learning to cook” doesn’t mean opening a 3-stars restaurant.

It simply means having a basic grasp of how computers work instead of blindly following whatever a talking paperclip tells you.”

Justin, from the creator of, JustinTV, wrote a great insight into why coding can help even when you’re not a programmer and in the end A couple hours of effort saved him four days of repetitive work.

“Alright guys I think we’re good”


Focusing on Integration, not Innovation.

A slightly morbid story about  How Yahoo! killed Flickr

Although Flickr grew tremendously with the huge influx of Yahoo users, the existing community of highly influential early adopters was infuriated. It was an inelegant transition, and seemed to ignore what the community wanted (namely, a way to log in without having to sign up for a Yahoo account). This was the opposite of what people had come to expect from Flickr. It was anti-social.

The site that once had the best social tools, the most vibrant userbase, and toppest-notch storage is rapidly passing into the irrelevance of abandonment. Its once bustling community now feels like an exurban neighborhood rocked by a housing crisis. Yards gone to seed. Rusting bikes in the front yard. Tattered flags. At address, after address, after address, no one is home.

The CEO of Yahoo! , Scott Thompson, was seen removing Flickr from his resume, adding  that he ‘Had the initial idea for Instagram’.

The future of Physics Classes?

MIT released a Video this week of a magnetic field that is interactive.

What is the practicality of this you ask? Good question I say. Yet for some reason, Real Life Angry Birds: Space comes to mind.

Weekly Roundup:

Wil Wheaton posts about the absurdity of banning Torrenting in general

Iceland uses Facebook to re-write its constitution

The idea of  creating a gitHub account to include amendments is being thrown around.

How to Load your Scripts asynchronously 

816-Bit computers 

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