Thoughts On Wearable Technology


The ability to utilize wearable tech devices is becoming more and more prevalent in our technology dependent world. Most have heard about Google Glass by now; these frames are equipped with a camera and high definition video, which allows its users to capture a moment quickly, and virtually hands free. The Sacramento Kings recently became the first professional sports team to ever record and live stream a game using Google Glass.  In addition, Samsung’s new Galaxy Smart Watch doubles as an accessory and a camera with the ability for users to read their text messages with even greater ease. The development of wearable technology is moving at a steady pace as shown by other new inventions, such as Jawbone’s bracelet that keeps track of data in relation to your health, or Wearable Solar’s clothing which can become a source for energy to charge one’s smartphone. With all the data that wearable technology will collect, there will need to be a way for users to view this data. Considering most of us have our smartphones within arms reach 24/7, it makes sense that our new clothes, watches, and glasses will increasingly be communicating with our phones. Overall, it seems that wearable technology will change the way we experience the world; this technology will know things about us before we even know it ourselves.

However, since the concept of wearable technology is relatively new, a set standard for how this technology is developed is lacking. Also, how they will communicate to the user as well as with other wearable technology is another questionable area from a developer’s perspective.  Problems that developers will face will include, but are not limited to, the communication between the multiple operating systems of these devices’.  Issues with how developers will distribute apps or add new functions to the wearable technologies will also likely arise.  Alas, until a larger population is more accepting of wearable technology and the term “Glassholes” becomes obsolete, the concept of wearable technology may still be in its stage of infancy.





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