TestFairy Creates an Automatic Migration Service for Previous TestFlight Users


In response to recent panic about TestFlight for Android disappearing, TestFairy is offering a migration option for Android developers. TestFairy will allow those currently using TestFlight’s SDK to switch to TestFairy, without making changes to their code. When an app using the TestFlight API are uploaded to TestFairy, the app will automatically be transferred to TestFairy’s application programming interface.


TestFairy appears to have a leg up on TestFlight. They provide graphs and useful information about hardware details, while still allowing developers to simply email invitations to trial their newest work. Another exciting perk of TestFairy is its feature which can help developers discover specific issues of the app with ease. The feature allows developers to view a video of what the user was doing in the application at the time that the error occurred.

Ultimately, TestFairy is not only a great time saver for Android developers but also grants smarter app testing. Click here to learn more about TestFairy .

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