Sony Ericsson’s and Sprint’s Take on iPhone

With the release of iPhone 5 in less than an hour, I thought a quick blurb from Sony Ericcson and Sprint about their view on iPhones would be more than fitting.

While Sony Ericsson has been committed to Android since 2007 and couldn’t be happier, CEO Bert Nordberg notes that they “should have taken the iPhone more seriously” 4 years ago.  Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 so essentially every company should be developing and working hardcore with Apple’s iPhone.  The success of the iPhone (1-4) is unarguable, iPhone 5 is expected to keep up this Apple craze.  Fortunately for Sony Ericsson, they have “nothing but praise for the company’s commitment to Android.”

On the other hand, Sprint seems overwhelmingly committed and hopeful of iPhones for the future.  Just yesterday (2 days before iPhone 5), Sprint has arranged to purchase 30+ million iPhones in the next four years.  AT&T (99 million subscribers) obviously found success with Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone, and then Verizon (106 million subscribers) got in on that deal.  Sprint (52 million subscribers) is betting on the iPhone to boost the company, though, in order to sell “at the low prices consumers expect” they will need to sell each iPhone for hundreds of dollars less than they are paying themselves.

It’s always been an interesting race with Apple products leading the way and different carriers dying to get them on their networks, so with the #3 carrier also trying to benefit from the iPhone we’ll see where this leads them: to the ground or skyrocketing to fortune with the others.

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  1. hardin

    I think it’s sort of a last-ditch gamble for Sprint, since they have seemingly been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy for awhile and need to up their data plan subscriber base through iPhone sales. I think your point about Sony Ericsson not taking the iPhone seriously is interesting, since iOS represented such an obvious UI leap forward from Symbian. There’s not much more they could say at this point than the line that they’re happy with Android, since Android clearly kicks the crap out of Symbian. While the iPhone/iOS is probably the best hardware/software combination, I think Android is catching up a little bit in terms of OS quality with Ice Cream Sandwich.


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