RIM’s Last Gasp

RIM, still trying to prove that they are relevant instead of just sliding into what seems like an inevitable bankruptcy, purchased a new mobile OS platform, QNX, and has apparently tried to jam BBOS6 and QNX into a new product, which they’ve dubbed BBX. Historically, along with being less powerful than their iOS and Android counterparts, RIM devices have been an absolute pain to develop for, and as a result they have a very thin developer community. Despite this, CEO Mike Lazaridis spoke to developers and said:

I can’t say how important you are to us, it’s a really exciting time for BlackBerry developers.

As you can tell from the tone of this post, I’m not optimistic. A new, cobbled together OS is not going to help hopelessly out of date hardware, and seems reminiscent of Palm launching WebOS before falling to an acquisition by HP. Business Week notes:

RIM’s U.S. smartphone market share fell to 20 percent in the quarter through August from 25 percent three months earlier, according to ComScore Inc. Apple rose 0.7 percentage points to 27.3 percent while Google’s Android platform climbed to 44 percent from 38 percent.

While I have been an avid Blackberry user for years, it seems that RIM may indeed be on their last gasp.

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