Redesigning Outdated Android Apps: Not As Hard As You May Think


In response to the negative feedback of the Microsoft Outlook App, our WordPress Developer and Android aficionado Aaron Heinen has provided some sound advice on how to easily revamp android apps.

First, is an article referencing how to do a quick re-design of an outdated app by following the Android Design Guidelines, in this case it is the same Outlook App that got horrible reviews.

By now the mighty 30 percent of users who are running Ice Cream sandwich and up have become accustomed to standards in their interfaces. There is a great article written about the Aesthetic-Usability Effect which summed up states that “people inherently believe well designed things function better”.

If your app is task oriented, it should use the font Roboto. It is the standard and Google provides it for free. Any other font will feel out of place to an Android user. The same goes for common UI features: Actionbar back button, Tabbed Navigation, List Navigation, even Text Input has a standard design that should be matched. Why? Users now recognize these designs and sub-consciously link the design to functionality, so it will just confuse them if your app tries too hard to be different and implement these standard features another way.

Another great example of an app that neglects the Android Design Guidelines comes from no other than ESPN.

The overall design for the Fantasy Football 2012 app  doesn’t necessarily hinder it’s functionality but the outdated gradient based buttons and the rounded corner interface screams Android 2.3.

So, next time you are developing an app, or critiquing a design of one, follow Aaron’s advice and avoid bad app aesthetics.

Happy designing!


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