Porsche + Blackberry, Really?

People who know me well know that I really like both Blackberries and Porsches, so I was intruiged when I saw an Autoblog article about Porsche’s custom-designed Blackberry:

While its styling has refined over successive generations, you don’t buy a Porsche for how it looks. You buy one for how it works. And the same could be said of a BlackBerry. The favorite communications tool of businesspeople worldwide and a number of private consumers as well, the BlackBerry is – like a Porsche – more about function than form. Leave it to Porsche Design, then, to up its style factor.

Porsche has been thought of as a design inspiration for many great pieces of technology (Steve Jobs, for example, credited Porsche as a design inspiration for the first Macintosh), but this seems pretty lame. Add to that the $2,000 price tag, and it gets even sillier. As RIM continues to slide further downhill, I’m not sure which is worse: this, or BBX?

Here’s my Porsche… See the resemblance?








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2 Responses to “Porsche + Blackberry, Really?”

  1. Aaron Heinen

    The only resemblance I see is a reflective glare. Granted the phone itself does look slick but for Porsche to have its brand on it, I’d expect some James Bond, drive your car from your phone, functionality.

  2. hardin

    Yeah, I don’t even think it looks particularly slick, it seems like something Sony would have designed in the really early 2000’s lol…


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