Mercedes-Benz Google Glass App

Google Glass has been a hot topic in the tech world for quite a while now, but only a handful of people are currently able to purchase them. Google recently announced the new version of these gadgets to be launched this Friday, allowing the selected few “Explorers” who already have the glasses to upgrade to the new ones and invite three of their friends to purchase Google Glass early. According to their Google + post on Monday, Google is allowing their Explorers to receive the updated Glass which will now work with prescription glasses, sun glasses and include an earbud in lieu of an external speaker among other updates.

While we don’t know officially when Google Glass will go on sale to the general public, many speculate that it will be sometime next year. While the public eagerly waits their chance to get their hands on these trendy devices,  many companies have already begun to develop apps for the device.  While there is still not an official Google Glass apps store, websites like have compiled lists of apps for Glass users to download from.

One Google Glass app that is currently in the works and has us excited here at Hardin Design & Development is an augmented reality solution from Mercedes-Benz. According to the post yesterday at autoblog, the Mercedes app would be one of the first automotive apps for Google Glass and feature functions such as continuing navigation outside of the on-board car system once you’ve parked to get you to where you are going. And of course, to help you find your car again, once you are ready to leave.

Apps like the Mercedes-Benz one are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google Glass app development. It will be exciting to see how developers create Glass specific apps and how they might combine the use of mobile devices, home devices, car devices and more with the Google Glass in the not-so-distant-future. Google does have a Google Glass app development site open now for those who want to start creating Glass apps. We look forward to tracking how this platform does in the next year or so, and seeing if our society becomes as inundated with mobile glasses as it has with mobile devices. We can only hope that we get a change someday soon to create a Google Glass app of our own.

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