iWebcomix Update

The first week after iWebcomix launched has been a lot of fun. We have many users in 26 different countries now, and have served over 15,000 comics to our users. We’ve gotten some very good and helpful reviews on the app store, and are excited to see our user base continuing to grow at an increasing rate. We’re getting ready to roll out our first update, which will feature the ability to share comics on Facebook, the ability to mark all issues as read for a given comic, and include the following new comics:

  • A Series of Cats
  • Dorkly
  • Empire of Apathy
  • Endless Origami
  • Folly and Innovation
  • Guinea Something Good
  • Happle Tea
  • Mark Doesn’t Understand Animals
  • Married To The Sea
  • Mr. Lovenstein
  • Nothing Nice To Say
  • Peanizles
  • Professor Hobo
  • SBBoard
  • The Magnificent Whatever
  • The Optimist
  • Toothpaste For Dinner
  • Whomp

We’ll continue adding more comics after that. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, you can get it at here!


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8 Responses to “iWebcomix Update”

  1. DarkFnh

    Cant install it since I didnt update my ios devices, would be awesome if you could support ios 4 instead of just supporting ios 5

  2. hardin

    Very good point, version 1.1 will support iOS 4 as well as iOS 5. Stay tuned, it should be in the store in the next couple of days.

  3. Teth


    just found out about your great app and tried installing it on my new iPad 3.
    After an initial crash I was able to add a few comics to the list, but now everytime
    I try to open the App it just goes black and closes after a few seconds.

    Anything I can do about that?

    thanks :)

    • hardin

      Sorry for the late reply. We aren’t doing a lot right now to support iWebcomix, but we will likely be coming out with a new version soon that will not have the current app’s crashing problems.


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