Hardin DD Wins Best Places to Work in Madison

We are pleased to announce our win for Best Places to work in Madison. Hardin DD is going to be featured in April’s issue of Madison Magazine and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here at Hardin, we are truly committed to creating an exceptional work environment and going above and beyond the typical office atmosphere. To do this, we offer a casual dress code, flexible hours, along with a game room where our hardworking employees can incorporate some fun into the day. We moved offices back in 2012 and now have an amazing view of Lake Mendota. Most of our programmers can work from home, so it is important to create a place where everyone wants to come and work each day which leads to collaboration, and thus a stronger team.

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We believe being able to collaborate with other programmers, who have unique perspectives, breeds innovation and ultimately, the best results. We have a pretty small staff here at our Madison office, 17 of us to be exact, which grants the opportunity to be a tight knit group. That said, having an open office plan, free of cubicles, helps work relationships thrive and collaboration increase.  As a reflection of the easy going office culture, one will often see employees walking around without shoes, taking a quick break with a game of pool, and listening to music while they work. We think it is important for any company to realize that employees are one of most valuable assets and it is even more essential to treat them in such a way. Overall, we want everyone from our programmers to office staff to want to come in to work each day and we believe that goal has been met, cheers!




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