Google ‘Plays’ With Fire

Google playfully decided to change the name of their Professional and well respected ‘Android Market’ to encompass additional devices, ie. GoogleTV. Despite the obvious complaints about the decision of the new name ‘Google Play’, Google really could not have made the conversion worse if they tried. Granted when you opened the ‘Market’ there was an obvious pop-up that told users the store was being ‘upgraded’ to ‘Google Play Store’ which they had to agree to before entering the store. This takes into account that users read pop-ups before hitting accept. Where Google really went wrong was by not replacing the ‘Market’ Icon with the ‘Play Store’ Icon. It was just gone. This sparked a whole plethora of confusion with users outraged, spouting things like a virus deleting their market to, my personal favorite, blaming their child for deleting it.

Angry Users

It’s well known that people largely don’t read click-through text. It’s simply a usability issue. It’s something that pops up and blocks the user from what they want to see or accomplish. The (average) user instantly does the logical thing and dismisses it (agrees to it) ASAP so they can get on with their task. You can’t even blame the user for this response, Google needs to take this opportunity to learn from this experience. From now on when they are going to make sweeping changes that require a user to click ‘I accept’ they should also blast an audio file “THE ANDROID MARKET IS NOW  GOOGLE PLAY. THANK YOU FOR NOT FREAKING OUT AND CALLING TECH SUPPORT”

Also, I was quite excited to rent movies directly on my phone for $0.99. It is cheaper and much more convenient than redbox. Then there was this:

While the decision to offer rentals to rooted users isn’t even within Google’s control, it’s a backward model of control. It is denying users that WANT to pay for a rental. If a user is going to torrent, a user is going to torrent. By blocking rooted users over the fear of them copying the file to their phone they are really just turning down paying customers.

Don’t piss off your market app or it will be deleted off your phone by itself.


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