Evolution of Video/Pictures

With a quick glance around the web (or if you follow technology to any extent), it’s quite apparent that the ability to capture visuals continues to become more incredible; whether it’s 3D, HD, gigapixel stills, or panoramic video.

My first thought on this note is the View-Master (from the 60s!).  This allowed you to view single images through a private viewing device, which has grown to now allowing private video viewing through transparent glasses (article and video)!  On that note, similar glasses are able to record 720p video (article and video) while remaining incredibly discreet.  Now that mobile devices can support 720p or 3D video recording, where else to go besides the full 1080p?  Well, 360 degrees.  On display at CES, there is an adapter for the iPhone for $80 that allows you to view and record video 360 degrees around (which puts to shame this lousy awesome,  panoramic ball camera).  Another amazing improvement, which has actually been around for a year or so now, is a light field camera that captures a photograph that can be focused later (there’s a fun example to play with at that link).

I hope that the interesting uses of these have yet to be discovered, and are not actually the technology itself, but instead come via the popularity of the devices and creativity of their users.  Just imagine (not sure if it will ever actually be possible) what you could do with a light field of HD, 360-degree, 3D video.  Mind. Blown.


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  1. Aaron Heinen

    On the topic of Evolution I was very intrigued after seeing this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDIZImKrhg8

    (Is there a way to embed video in a comment?)

    Anyway, I was also curious about an article that explained how glasses-less 3DTV is possible. For now, only users at a certain angle infront of the TV will see the 3D because of a parallax effect which shoots a different signal to the left than to the right. They say the technology is 10 years out but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some MIT hack of the Kinect to detect a persons positioning relative to the TV and adjust accordingly.

  2. lereElend

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.


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