Drone Delivery

Like most of us right now, you’re probably freezing in these sub-below temperatures and wishing the just purchased heated blanket from Amazon would make it’s way to your doorstep now (or five minutes ago). These wishes aren’t ones that Amazon takes lightly. In fact, the company has been working on the idea of drone delivery for years, and plans for this service to be available for buyers in the near future.

Amazon’s vice president of global public policy, Paul Misener, answered some pressing questions users have regarding the addition of drones to Amazon’s delivery system. Misener released the goals Amazon has set for themselves which include a drone weight of 55 pounds with the ability to carry five pounds of products, as most users don’t purchase more than that through a given order. drone

However, the e-commerce company is still working on the creation of a drone with the ability to navigate any terrain. Misener says the company is aware of their consumers being based in the desert, freezing Midwest, large city apartments and rural farmhouses, which poses a challenge in production of a viable drone. Thus, each unique drone will be created to “see” what’s ahead on their path and modify to navigate the object.

Sooner rather than later, Amazon users will be able to receive parcels within just a few hours of placing an order. Gone will be the days of running out of paper towel and making the snowy trek to a grocery store or waiting weeks to receive the perfect nail polish, as Amazon’s drone delivery will be your new favorite delivery option.

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