Capital Entrepreneurs and the Madison Tech Scene

There are few groups in Madison that capture the start-up environment  like Capital Entrepreneurs. Founded in May 2009, Capital Entrepreneurs, or CE,  is a group of dedicated companies whos mission is to foster new connections and promote the Madison start-up community. The organization is now comprised of over 75 founders and have created more than 150 full and part time jobs in Madison.

Nearly three years ago when I attended my first meeting, the group was relatively humble and much smaller.  There were seven or eight early stage start-ups all struggling with many of the same, albeit different, problems. I met a gaming company who was wondering how to rasie capital in Madison.  There was a medical software company struggling to find new development talent in exchange for equity. I was introduced to more seasoned entrepreneurs who were trying to figure out how to “sell” death. Capital Entrepreneurs became a quasi-resource, quasi-therapy group for young start-ups.

Fast-forward several years, and I am thankful to say that many of these companies are still thriving in Madison. We still regularly meet and consult each other on our problems. How to we innovate our business models to support growth? Where do we find quality employees and how do we integrate them into our existing teams? What is the best way to use tax credits? We all beat the “1 out of 10″ survival rate and remain close friends.

I personally use Capital Entrepreneurs to mentor new start-ups and tell them how to avoid some of the mistakes our company has made in the past. Now with over 75 members, always a new, first-member who is starting there first endevor . Capital Entrepreneurs is an excellent way to provide back to the start-up community and grown entrepreneurship in Madison.

Our next meeting is on September 29th at 7 pm. Broach Pub on the Capital Square. We meet upstairs.

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