Apple’s Siri Does Everything

Apple’s Siri is a new, interactive, digital assistant, if you will.  You can give it text/voice commands, and it will interpret and execute a seemingly unlimited amount of commands: search the web, get directions, text, set reminders, etc.  This has come a long way from AOL Instant Messenger’s and Windows Live Messenger’s SmarterChild and seems a lot more similar to Flubber’s Weebo:

One big advantage Siri seems to have over other text interpretation models is its ability to recognize very informal language.  An example is “any good burger joints around here?” converts to “find a burger restaurant nearby”.  This seems like kind of a big step for the company (especially compared to  These “conversations” with Siri can take place by typing or by speaking, which means it not only has the language interpretation, but also speech recognition.  I’m interested in the accuracy of it compared to how Apple claims it works.

(On a fun side note, Apple also programmed in some easter egg snarky responses from Siri when you ask things related to drugs, jokes, philosophy, etc.)

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