Amazon and Consumer Electronics, Again?

PC World currently has an interesting article on the concept of an Amazon tablet that would complement, not replace, its Kindle line-up. The tablet would be Android-based, but only under the hood: everything would be branded for Amazon/Kindle and there would be a separate app store. While this sounds silly on the surface and sounds like Amazon is too late to the game after we’ve already seen RIM and HP essentially fail with their tablet offerings (or at least surrender, in the case of HP), I think this could actually work.¬†Amazon already has a very strong brand created around the Kindle, and has a very successful online store (obviously) that is the closest thing to rivaling iTunes. By imitating Apple and placing their device in a walled garden instead of the vast jungle of Android software on the market, Amazon has a shot to capture non-power users who would typically lean towards an iPad. Of course, this is all dependent on the device and the custom UI that Amazon builds not being terrible, which is certainly a possibility. I just know that as someone who builds software (including a lot of mobile software) this is one of the few concepts in the tablet space that I’ve seen that could have legs beyond simply being an Apple knock-off, which is certainly what companies like Samsung seem content to do.

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